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We offer lessons in piano, voice, guitar, choir, drums, bass and violin. Students can participate in the 1 to 4 yearly recitals if they are taking private lessons. The amount of recitals depends on the year and preparation of the students. So some years we have 1 recital, some years we have 4. 


Lessons at Dream Music Studios are fun and educational. We offer 3 options: 30 minutes, 45 minutes and one hour lessons. ! Give your child the gift of music!

Summer Special: Books are included in price!


Recitals at Dream Music Studios occur every year. FREE Recital opportunities help students grow and mature in their playing. We hold recitals at homes, local venues or church locations. 


Nothing better then a fun rock concert at Guitar Center or local concert venue to motivate students to learn, teach them to work in groups and build great social skills.

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